River White Granite Tile

Application Indoor, outdoor, countertop, BBQ counter, floor, wall, Ceiling

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River White Granite Tile 12"x12" River White Granite Tile 12"x12" 12x12
  • Buy 42 for $62.50 each and save 8%
1 Box = 10 Sq. Ft. | 1 Pallet = 42 Boxes

River White granite has low variations in its white and gray veining with small deep burgundy flecks. River white is a durable granite that is recommended for interior and exterior projects and is available in both tiles and slabs. It is well-suited to applications in both homes and businesses, and can even be used in out-of-doors installations.

River White Granite Tile: These are 12x12 pieces. It is polished and a very durable granite piece that has a unique combination of gray and white. It has tiny bits of details that help in exuding a spectacular atmosphere.

Advantages of Polished Granite: River White Granite 12x12 Polished can withstand harsh impacts. It is also very easy to maintain and clean.

Best Used For: River White Granite 12x12 is a great installation to any indoor or outdoor surfaces such as countertops, floors, walls, and ceilings.

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