Many people are drawn to the cool colours, clean lines and minimalist shapes that characterise a modern decor style. And some of these people want their kitchen to feel like a cozy and inviting gathering space too. So what do you do when you desire the cool vibes of modern style but also crave warmth? You plan a warm contemporary kitchen.

The first thing you think of in contemporary kitchens is clean lines and not a lot of adornment or overly decorative features. Colour schemes can vary, but classic choices include white, cream, tan, beige, grey and black, and sometimes a mix of these colours.

Concrete, or materials that look like concrete, as shown in this photo, are excellent for a contemporary kitchen, but there are many floor types that can work. The key is not looking rustic (like knotty or rough wood grains) or heavily patterned or vintage (like Spanish or Moroccan tiles). Pattern in contemporary floors tends to be subtle or nonexistent. Oversize tile in concrete or porcelain can work, as can hardwoods.

Countertops and backsplash tile
In contemporary kitchens, the countertops and backsplash are frequently made of the same material, which is often a manmade option such as engineered quartz or solid surface. Watch out for too much pattern in a natural material, as it could pull the kitchen into a different design direction.

The backsplash doesn’t always have to be the same as the countertop, though. Glass tiles with clean lines can make for a contemporary look, as can more contemporary ceramic tiles or even a stone if it is “more uniform-looking".