What is Modular Granite

Modular Granite comes in pre-cut mini-slabs, martel, martel outcorners, prescott, prescott out corners, backsplash, bullnose tiles

  • Because it is designed for kitchen counters, it comes in kitchen-ready shapes and dimensions.
  • The widths are only twelve inches on average. Think of it - seams every foot again.
  • Easier to transport and handle than slab granite.
  • Less than the price of slab granite.
  • DIY installation possible - as opposed to slab granite, which is impossible to install by yourself.
  • Edge pieces have bullnose built in.
  • Back pieces (near the wall) have built-in backsplash.
  • Corner configurations available for sinks.
  • Pre-sealed in most cases - no granite sealer necessary.

If you are praying for authentic slab granite, modular is not the answer to your prayers. It is more like a "souped up" version of tile granite. It will look nicer and install faster, because of the larger dimensions and added details. If you decide to install the modular granite yourself, your installation costs will be eliminated. However, since modular granite is not available for pick-up at stores, your installation cost savings will be offset by significant shipping costs.‚Äč

Modular granite is a strange and innovative hybrid that is not really tile, not really slab. Tile stone has traditionally been the go-to product for homeowners who want stone and want to do it themselves. Any homeowner can pick up cartons of 12" by 12" tile granite and begin installing granite counters in their kitchen.