Mosaic is an art which ages back to the Greek and Roman periods when it was used to beautify temples and palaces. Currently we use this practice to ornament our homes, to make them more beautiful and more original. There are lots of different uses for mosaic tiles. They can be used indoors but also outdoors and in basically any room of the house.


In the bathroom, for example, mosaic tiles can be used to craft eye-catching wall décor like in this case. The mosaic seems to envelop the oval mirror. Mosaic tiles are perfect use as a bathroom. Looking for mosaic tile ideas for the bathroom? Find that unique mosaic tile today! Mosaic Tile Ideas For Kitchen and Bathroom. Add a splash of contemporary styling to your decor with Mosaic Tile.

Half wall design.

More complex images and designs can also be created. Instead of having simple tiles on the bathroom walls, you can have a mosaic which wraps around the room.

Full wall mosaic

Of course, if you wish to create a cohesive interior design, you can cover the entire wall with mosaic tiles. Usually there’s not a particular pattern which has to be chosen but rather something abstract.

Countertop and backsplash design

Just like in the kitchen, for the bathroom you have to choose a backsplash and a countertop if you prefer the walls to be painted and not covered with tiles. Try something bold like in this example.

Mosaic tiled sink

This bathroom features a colorful mosaic which covers the structure on which the washbasin is placed. It gives the room an exotic look, especially in combination with the red wall and that interesting mirror.

Mosaic floors

Because there’s not a lot of room for decorative elements in the bathroom, the floor is often transformed into an eye-catching feature. Mosaic floors beautifully complement simple bathrooms and modern designs.

Mosaic in the shower

The shower is usually a very simple feature which lacks color and pattern. The curtains are usually the bold accent but you can also mosaic tiles for the same purpose.


In the kitchen, the backsplash is often the focal point of the whole décor. It’s why mosaic tiles are a great option. You can use them to create something complex like this framed image.

Of course, most commonly, mosaic tiles are used to cover the entire area between the countertop and the wall-mounted cabinets. You can also cover the entire upper wall like in this case.

Another option, somewhere in between the two examples, is to use mosaic tiles as purely decorative elements and to create interesting designs for the backsplash. This mosaic wraps around the windows and is used in key places.

Mosaic on the kitchen island

If your kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate an island, then you have the opportunity to also include mosaic tiles in its design. You can match the mosaic to that used for the backsplash.

Outdoor designs

To make your patio more interesting and visually-appealing, you can surround yourself with bright colors and patterns. Apply mosaic to the patio floor. You can use pebbles or tiles.
This custom pebble mosaic gives the patio a very comfortable and cozy look. It almost looks like a rug, mainly because of the pattern and because of how smooth it is.

For a beach-style landscape you can try a different kind of mosaic. Use big stones or pavers and allow grass to grow through them. Arrange them in a spiral shape around the firepit to mimic a gastropod shell.

The mosaic path beautifully complements this contemporary house. What’s also interesting is the juxtaposition of materials and the way the wood and stone interact.

Mosaic fence designs

Although it’s rather unusual, you can also use mosaic on your fence in order to make it more interesting-looking. This works for concrete fences with a smooth surface.

Mosaic seats

This modern patio features a very relaxed and casual design and it’s also very chic. The seating is definitely unusual, featuring white mosaic with gold accents. It’s a great idea for a beach house.

Mosaic planters.

You can also add some color and texture to your garden by covering the planters with mosaic tiles. You can create all sorts of eye-catching designs, including geometric patterns like this one.