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About Us

About Us

From the beginning of time, stone has been a part of man’s greatest architectural accomplishments. These stone structures have endured the test of time through centuries until present time. Some of these hand-molded structures have nowadays become artistic and historic masterpieces.

Ever since it was founded, QFlooring has met the demands of a changing market and a variety of cultures, adjusting to any important project at any time. QFlooring specializes in natural stone products such as Granite, Marble, Slate stone, Limestone, Travertine as well as ceramic, porcelain and pre-cast products. The goal of our service is to simplify the procurement process for these products, to codify the information in this fragmented industry, and to present product information in a user-friendly format.

QFlooring Search Engine enables users to research, locate, confirm and purchase products directly from its state of the art website. When customers buy directly from our portal, we act as a wholesale distributor responsible for presenting information on our products and coordinating the selection, packaging and delivery of orders to the final destination, as instructed by our customer. When purchasing through the QFlooring portal, customers receive the benefit of unparalleled buying power. There is no fee to request price quotations, including shipping cost to the final delivery destination.

QFlooring services the following market sectors:


From a minimum to high volume order, end users are our exclusive customer base. We want the end users to get the best priced quality product directly from us instead of going through a chain of high priced market players.

Architects & Project sales

We work with architects, decorators and designers to service small local requirement as well as large national accounts within the construction and home improvement sectors. This includes standard and custom product orders for both small and large scale commercial and other construction projects.

Contractors and Fabricators

In addition to working with Architects we supply various types and sizes of tiles and slabs to contractors, fabricators and installers for their commercial and domestic customers.


QFlooring sells stone products to various distributors throughout the United States. Recognizing that growth and expansion are necessary to evolve and keep ahead of the competition, we continuously seek and undertake initiatives to form alliances in new domestic markets.

To all of you, from all of us at – Thank you and Happy Shopping !

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