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Shipping Estimator

Because we use multiple carriers for the various products we sell, it is not feasible to calculate shipping costs in our shopping cart. Using multiple carriers allows us to save money by using carriers best suited to the different products delivered within the delivery area. Since shipping costs can be a major portion of the expense of the item you purchase, we want you to feel comfortable when shopping on QFlooring. To help you estimate the shipping costs for products purchased from our website developed a shipping estimator of costs for several products. Although, the final figure will vary according to the quantity from a little higher to a little lower, this estimator will allow you to roughly gauge the cost of shipping products to your location. Please note that we do not take a mark up on shipping costs rather, we charge the shipping at our cost.

For palletized goods including granite, tile and slate, the costs displayed in the shipping estimator are for freight delivered to a business or commercial address for the sizes ranging 12×12 through 18×18. Shipping companies do offer discounts as the volume increases and so will we. There is typically a $15-$50 additional handling charge to deliver to a residence.

Although, the shipping estimators are provided for your convenience, we are happy to give an exact quote via e-mail. Simply send us an inquiry with Color, Size, Quantity, Delivery Address and Phone number for us to send a written quote which will be valid for 7 days from the date of the reply.

Cities State Cost upto 60 sq.ft.
Mobile AL $98.65
Little Rock AR $98.65
Phoenix AZ $154.28
Tucson AZ $154.28
Chico CA $180.48
Los Angeles CA $170.70
San Francisco CA $181.93
Denver CO $129.56
Bridgeport CT $98.65
Wilmington DE $98.65
Jacksonville FL $137.44
Miami FL $155.36
Orlando FL $142.53
Atlanta GA $98.65
Des Moines IA $98.65
Boise ID $173.27
Chicago IL $88.65
Springfield IL $88.65
Indianapolis IN $88.65
Garden City KS $109.15
Wichita KS $109.15
Frankfort KY $88.65
New Orleans LA $120.44
Boston MA $98.65
Holyoke MA $98.65
Baltimore MD $98.65
Augusta ME $107.85
Alpena MI $98.65
Detroit MI $88.65
Grand Rapids MI $88.65
Minneapolis MN $98.65
Moorhead MN $128.84
Kansas City MO $98.65
Jackson MS $98.65
Helena MT $178.79
Charlotte NC $98.65
Bismarck ND $187.50
Omaha NE $98.65
Concord NH $98.65
Newark NJ $98.65
Albuquerque NM $120.55
Las Cruces NM $170.24
Las Vegas NV $156.16
Reno NV $165.25
Buffalo NY $98.65
New York NY $322.46
Columbus OH $78.65
Toledo OH $78.65
Oklahoma City OK $98.65
Portland OR $184.99
Philadelphia PA $98.65
Pittsburgh PA $88.65
Providence RI $98.65
Columbia SC $98.65
Rapid City SD $191.22
Nashville TN $98.65
Amarillio TX $114.70
Austin TX $116.40
Dallas TX $107.70
Cedar City UT $173.27
Salt Lake City UT $145.40
Richmond VA $98.65
Montpelier VT $98.65
Seattle WA $183.63
Madison WI $98.65
Charleston WV $88.65
Cheyenne WY $149.60
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