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Parallelo Nero Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile – 15 x 30 in.

$154.69 Price/Box


12.19 SQ. FT. PER BOX

Price: $12.69/sq. ft.

Box Price: $154.68

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Exterior, Floor, Wall
15 x 30 in.

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The inspiration behind the name of the Parallelo series is the 65th parallel that circles the earth and passes through the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Asia and North America. The breathtaking sense of beauty and adventure that define the rugged terrain of Iceland are directly reflected in the design of Parallelo Nero. This 15″ x 30″ black and dark grey porcelain tile with hints of brown has a slab-style surface with 65 different faces and unique character that mimics this natural, vivid style.

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Weight 57.5 lbs
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